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  • Introduction & Demo of Hypermesh
  • Geometry import and clean-up
  • Meshing using Hypermesh
  • Quality Checks
  • Exporting mesh for a different profile like
  • (LS DYNA, NASTRAN & ABAQUS)Asia Tech Center happens to be the ISO 9001-2015 certified training facility that offers intensive
Hypermesh Training in Pune.

The purpose of this (CAE) basic course in meshing is intended towards introducing and enabling trainees to work on the Hypermesh software, which happens to be a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software platform that facilitates simulations. This training program cultivates the skills necessary to handle the various tools dedicated to geometry editing for the preparation of CAD models for the meshing process in particular.

Some of the salient features of Meshing that the participants would be introduced to as a part of this basic level course are as follows:

  • Introduction & Demo of Hypermesh Geometry
  • Import and clean-up Meshing using Hypermesh Quality Checks
  • Exporting mesh for a different profile like (LS DYNA, NASTRAN & ABAQUS)
    In addition to this, as a part of this CAE- Hypermesh training, the participants will gain knowledge related to the Batch Meshing technique that enables users to mesh a number of files in the background to go with the standards set by them. The real advantage our trainees get is that training is provided with reference to real parts or products.
Hypermesh Training in Pune
  • Asia Tech Center Course Highlights:
  • Right balance of practical and theoretical knowledge is maintained
  • Practical hands-on and a chance to work on real-life resembling project
  • Domain particular insights via application of software
  • Training is conducted by certified trainers who have significant industry experience
  • We award a certificate to the candidates, once they successfully complete the course
  • Training sessions are conducted with reference to real-time parts and/or products in hand
  • Total concept based exposure to the manufacturing processes for various types of industries
  • Personal attention during training with a focus on clearing the doubts of the trainees
  • We provide candidates with a 100% job guaranteeThese features to be the highlights of the Hypermesh Training programme at Asia Tech Center.
Why go for a Hypermesh Course?
A course in Hypermesh which comes under the umbrella of CAD-CAM training is turning out to be the latest trend amongst engineers and working professionals alike. A number of reasons have led to its increasing popularity and scope. Over here, we will be going through some of the primary reasons as to why it is the best thing to go for  Hypermesh training, at this point in time. In short, we will be seeing the benefits of undergoing this Hypermesh course.
  • Post undergoing this course, you will be able to create meshes that are of top quality and made with no complexity.
  • It instills in you, various capabilities along with knowledge of tools that would help you deal with issues related to sustainability.
  • Offers sufficient flexibility to accelerate the business capabilities in you, based on the altering conditions.
  • Brings along inbuilt automated supports which makes it more flexible
  • Accomplish both precise and high-quality meshes within no time, as it offers support for Batch Meshing which makes it feasible to build several meshes simultaneously.
  • With an in-detail and state of the art technologies, both manufacturing, and evaluation, it helps to reduce the development costs to a great degree.
  • Benefit from a complete access and level of control with the meshing algorithms.

  • With these many reasons revealed, there is no excuse as to why design enthusiasts should not enroll for Hypermesh Training in Pune, or any other place.
Benefits of undergoing this CAE Meshing course:
  • Get introduced to meshing
  • Your getaway into the field of design
  • To get a wwell-paidjob in the Engineering Design industry
  • Choose from a variety of jobs
  • Get trained from experienced industry expert trainers
  • Confidently face Meshing related questions during interviews
Who all can apply for this course?

While no formal per-requisites are essential for admission to this course; candidates with a flair and interest in engineering and product design can be said to be the deserving candidates for this course.

Major topics covered:
CAE Modeling
– 2D- meshing
– 3D meshing
– 1D meshing
– Intersection 7 penetration
– Assembly creation
– Property and material
– Boundary conditions
Software: Hypermesh
– Introduction to Hypermesh
– Tool Bar and Menu Bar
– Open and save the file
– FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
– Strategic Planning
– The Art of Modeling
– Analysis Types
– Basic interaction with HyperMesh
– Shell meshing
– Preparing models for analysis
– Preparing geometry for meshing
– Creating hexa and penta mesh
– Tetra meshing
– Assemblies: welding and swapping parts
– Topology& Topography
– Size and shape optimization concepts
– Pre-processing using HyperMesh
– Linear static and normal mode analysis
– Results visualization with HyperMesh
– Topology optimization
– Manufacturing constraints
– Combined Topology and Topography optimization
– Geometric Data Generation
– Shape Generation HyperMesh
– 2D and 3D shape optimization
– 1D and 2D size optimization
– Model clean up
– Meshing
– Static analysis
– Thermal analysis
– Optimization
Model Checking
– CAE Analysis:-
– Linear Static
– Model Analysis
– Vibration Analysis
Why Asia Tech Center?
  • Asia Tech Center has earned a name for itself in the CAD/CAM domain. Our service beneficiaries are a living proof of our expertise,  professionalism and one of a kind training services.
  • With experience in this field, our team catches the exact pulse of this industry. This places us in a superior position to offer training and impart students with valuable domain specific insights.
  • Training provided at Asia Tech Center is on the latest versions, which ensures that competitive edge for our candidates as they step out.
  • Training at our facility would not just increase the theoretical knowledge of the trainees, in addition, the practical oriented approach adopted by us will likewise enrich them with both applied and practical knowledge that is an integral part of real-time industries.Meshing is an ART, and we can transform you into an ARTIST !!!

Course Duration

2 Months


Graduate & Post Graduate Aspirants
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