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We transform our product roadmap into innovative real-world designs, not only in the automotive industry, but also in the fields of industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, and healthcare equipment, using engineering methods cultivated by automotive technology.

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Why are we Best in Engineering Services ?

Standing as a pioneer in this field, we have set a benchmark in this field by providing the best customer experience with our most up-to-date engineering and innovation services. Our engineering services are based on years of experience and ability in identifying and designing custom industrial engineering solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Our Specialization
  1. A well-thought-out ventilation and cooling system
  2. Layout for hot runners and a direct gating mechanism
  3. Layout of the hydraulic ejection system line cooling system
  4. Range from 80 to 4000 tonnes.
  5. Automobiles, medical devices, consumer durables, and electrical equipment
  6. Simulation Engineering Services
  7. Electronics & Embedded Services

Product Design Engineering

At Asia Tech, we’ve worked with R&D departments and automotive design engineers in the past, assisting them in the development of advanced automotive goods. In addition, we are there to provide a holistic approach to automobile design for enhanced user experience.

Features in automotive sector we provide :

Manufacturing Engineering Services

Asia Tech has accomplished several projects in Jigs and Fixture design, Tool design, Special Purpose Machine design, and various engineering optimization tasks based on our extensive experience in supporting manufacturing sectors. Our competent team can assist you at every level of the model, using the design and manufacturing concepts. CNC programming, process planning and assembly engineering are among the manufacturing engineering services we offer.

Special Features Provided:
Our Specialization

Simulation Engineering Services

Asia Tech assists clients in digitally validating products leveraging Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Simulations at the design process, ultimately saving time and resources in later stages of the product development life cycle. We have established an interface between Simulation and CAD during the design phase and anticipates product performance, resulting in considerably lower spends on prototypes and physical testing due to our broad experience in many domains and engineering programmes.

Special Features Provided:

Electronics & Embedded Services

Through electrical hardware design, firmware design, software application development, and mechanical design, Asia Tech provides embedded design services such as product engineering assistance, concept through prototyping, production of new products, feature enhancement, and technology up-gradation.

Our Embedded Technology knowledge assists our customers in developing bespoke product solutions. 

Special Features Provided:
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