Course Outline

Cloud Primer

  • Basic python for cloud
  • Basic Linux

Cloud Foundations

  • Introduction to Virtualization (VM’s and Containers)
  • Service Delivery and Deployment Models
  • Cloud Attributes and Services Taxonomy
  • Introduction to Infrastructure Automation
  • Key Aspects of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS


  • Docker
  • Elastic Container Service (ECS)


  • Expectations and Characteristics
  • Failures, Modelling challenges,
  • Load balancing
  • The 12-factor app
  • Architecture and Design Patterns
  • Anti Patterns
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Security Enforcement
  • Migrating a Monolith

Big Data Management and Analytics

  • Concepts of NoSQL
  • NoSQL Databases (Cassandra and DynamoDB)
  • Partitioner, Replication, Snitch
  • Query Driven Design and Distributed Development
  • Amazon EMR, Hadoop and Hive

Cloud Security and Migration

  • AWS Organizations
  • Security services (Trusted Advisor, Data encryption, Amazon Inspector, AWS Config, Guard Duty and Macie)
  • Identity and Access Control
  • Application user management (AWS Cognito)
  • Cost Explore
  • Cloud Migration Strategies
  • Migration Maturity Index
  • API based integration
  • Workload Analysis

Private Cloud

  • OpenStack Essentials

Capstone Project

  • A group project that allows you to apply your learning to real industry use cases and add it to your portfolio for potential employers to see as a tangible body of work.

Cloud Computing on AWS

  • Compute, Load Balancing, Autoscaling
  • Storage, Replication and Life Cycle Management
  • AWS Organization and Identity
  • Networking and Data migration

Managed Services on AWS

  • Databases (RDS, DynamoDB)
  • Web Application Firewall
  • SNS, SQS, Cloudwatch
  • Athena, Quicksight and Kinesis
  • Serverless (Lambda)
  • AWS Cognitive Services (Rekognition, Comprehend and Polly)

Cloud Native DevOps

  • Terraform
  • Deployment Pipeline (AWS Code Commit, AWS Code Deploy and AWS Code Pipeline)
  • CloudFormation

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

  • Data Architecture and Serverless approach
  • Setting up a cloud-based development environment
  • Data streaming and data analytics on the cloud
  • Setting up Kinesis data stream
  • Platform as a service – Elastic Beanstalk
  • Step Functions
  • Elasticsearch

Solutions Architect

  • Networking
  • Managed Services Overview
  • Security

Application Developer

  • Architecture and DevOps
  • Platforms
  • Data and Databases
  • Web, Mobile and Gaming

Cloud Computing on Azure

  • Compute (Resource Groups, App service plan, Web API app and Azure VMs)
  • Storage (Blob Storage, Azure tables and Storage queue)
  • Database and Caching ( Azure Redis, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB and SQL Data warehouse)

Managed Services on Azure

  • Service bus
  • Cognitive services
  • Logic apps
  • Serverless computing
  • Service fabric
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Azure IoT and IoT hub

Azure DevOps and Security

  • Boards
  • Repos
  • Pipelines
  • Security Policies
  • Security Center

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Regions, Resources and Services Overview
  • Google Compute Engine, Instance Groups, Load Balancing and Autoscaling
  • Storage and Networking
  • GCloud and Cloud SDK
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine


1. Cloud Training in Pune by Certified Instructors

  • Eligibility: Minimum 3 years of experience in IT with exposure to development, testing/quality assurance, maintenance, database administration, and technology infrastructure management.
  • Educational Qualification:  B.E./ B.Tech./ B.Sc. (Computer Science)/ BCA/ MCA
  • Duration of the course: 6 Months (3 Months of classroom training + 3 months of project-based case studies.)
  • Number of Theory Sessions: Around 25
  • Practical Sessions: Around 210
  • Batch Type: Regular
  • Mode of Training: Classroom Training

2. Realtime Project Experience of 500 Hrs with stipend after completion of the course

3. We provide complete guidance & support for making you a Certified Professional. This course comes with placement support and a job guarantee.

    • The trainers are having 12+ years of industry experience.
    • You will get real-time projects, scenarios & assignments
    • Certification centers in Pimpri

Course Duration

6 Months
(3 months of classroom training + 3 months of project-based case studies)


Educational Qualification: B.E./B.Tech./ B.Sc. (Computer Science)/ BCA/ MCA

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